My Tools – Here’s a roughly chronological list of stops and starts, twists and turns on my way to my current setup. Much of this equipment has come and gone over the years. Some I still have. It’s hard (and painful) for me to see the time and money spent trying to achieve sonic excellence.  In the long run, I abandoned it all to go digital.

  1. WIND INSTRUMENTS: Bundy student flute -> Haynes open hole flute -> Conn Alto Sax -> Selmer Tenor Sax -> Buffet Tenor Sax -> Buffet bass clarinet > Selmer Soprano Sax – For the tenors, my favorite mouthpieces were a Brillhart Level Air 9 and an Otto Link Metal 8. I tried many many mouthpieces over the years.   ….And even a Melodica.  Mine was a 26 key Hohner. Normally, one would blow into the instrument, but I replaced the mouthpiece with a funnel, clamped the funnel to the sideview mirror of my VW van, and let the wind do the blowing while I practiced interval ear-training as I drove to and from my day gig. That almost killed me twice. I got the message and restricted learning to safer environs.
  2. MICROPHONES: Barcus Berry Flute Pickup, Shure SM57 for the Sax
  3. AMPS & SPEAKERS: The weirdest were a pair of Toby Fliptop Amps. (photo) then pair of Marshall 50w Plexi amps.(when I was trying to sound like Hendrix) a pair of JBL Cabaret 4628 speaker systems. Electrovoice EV S181 subwoofer, a pair of JBL PRX712’s and a PRX718 Sub Hafler P500 amp, A pair of Meyer Sound UPA-1 speakers, Hafler P250 amp, Crown PowerBase amp, a pair of JBL E135 15″ Subwoofers in custom cabinets. 2 peavey 4×12 cabinets, Rane MX-22 Xover, a pair of ESS AMT Heil air motion transformers, Miller & Kreisel MX500 THX subwoofer
  4. KEYBOARDS, SYNTHS, SAMPLERS: Ensoniq Mirage Rack mount sampler, Yamaha DX7, Oberheim Matrix 12 synth. Yamaha TX802, EMU Proteus II Orchestral, EMU EIII Emulator, ARP 2600, Custom Rack mount 3 voice synth built by Salamander Sound Systems, Yamaha MU5, Novation 37SL, Novation 49, Novation 61SL .
  5. MIDI CONTROLLERS:  Novation Zero SL, 8 AKAI APC Mini’s , 2 Behringer X-touch Mini’s.
  6. EFFECTS DEVICES:  Maestro Echoplex tape echo, Oberheim Echoplex, Spring reverb from an old Fender Amp, A/DA Phaser, A/DA Flanger, A/DA MP1 and MP2 preamps, several AKAI MB76 MIDI Programmable patch bays, Lexicon PCM80, Lexicon PCM90, Alesis Quadraverb, ART Multiverb, A/DA MQ1 Midi Programmable EQ, Morley Power Wah Boost Footpedal, Dunlop Crybaby, Electric Mistress footpedal, Digitech DSP256XL, AKAI PEQ6 Midi Controlled EQ, Soundcraftsman RP-2212 EQ
  7. MIDI INTERFACES:  Voyetra V24-S, MidiMan MidiSport 2×2
  8. AUDIO INTERFACES:  M-Audio Delta 44, M-Audio 2496, EMU0202,  EMU0404, Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, Saffire Pro 24DSP,  Saffire Pro 40, Native Instruments KA 6 and AK1

Much of this is gone now.  I’ve since moved on to a series of prototype hardware controllers I built and software I wrote to make the hardware do what I wanted it to do.

In the end, I moved on to commercially available controllers for reliability, and adapted my software to work with them.

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