Meet Gabriel Stern, a man who is no stranger to performing or to the recording studio, but has never released his own music – until now.

Born in Jerusalem in 1943 to a classical pianist mother who had the unique teaching method of grabbing his fingers and mashing them down on the right notes when he hit the wrong ones, and a cello playing father who demanded perfection from his son (but never got it), Gabriel made several moves with the family before landing in NYC at the age of 5.

Piano study led to flute, then to saxophone, development of an electronic sax, and finally to a series of synths, samplers, and midi controllers that allowed unhindered expression of the music you’ll hear on the debut album, #gabecore.

“This, this right here, this is why I started covering experimental music…”
-The Electronica Outskirts

“a walk on the wildest side of experimental electronic music…”
-Last Day Deaf

“…A mashup of vocal snippets, instrumental fragments, swirling effects, and a rolling backbeat to hold it all together.”